We are Convelio, welcome to our world!

For too long, shipping Art has been a frustrating experience. We assembled an A-team that is ready to change this! From Paris to London, and soon New-York, our mission of simplifying Art logistics drives us every single day.

Our mission

We are on a mission to build the logistics backbone of the Art world.

Our founders started Convelio out of deep frustration. Coming from the e-commerce world, they were amazed by the lack of solutions to ship artworks simply and at decent rates.

In the Amazon age, who is ready to pay 50% of the artwork price to have it shipped? Who can wait 48 hours to get a shipping quote?

That gave them drive to build an art logistics suited for the 21st century.


Always answer clients as fast as possible


Rigidity is our enemy

No ego

But ambition as a group


With ourselves and the people we work with


Never take a superficial look at jobs


Create a safe environment for everyone to grow in

Our values

The northern stars we follow: our working compass

Who we are

Our pack: 20+ experts in logistics and fine-art shipping

From the operations team to our sales department to our tech squad: we work hand in hand to provide art sellers with the best customer experience as possible. At the end of the day, we are all art lovers.

Meet the team

Mathilde Desruelle

Head of Business Development

Art Mathilde loves:

Jérémie Kalfon

Head of Operations

Art Jérémie loves:

Chiun-Qiang Lee

Head of Engineering

Art Chiun-Qiang loves:

Edouard Gouin


Art Edouard loves:

Clément Ouizille


Art Clément loves:

Pierre Couture

Operations Team Leader

Art Pierre loves:

Julien Bisagni

Product Marketing Manager

Art Julien loves:

Véronique Fontanaud

Special Project Manager

Art Véronique loves:

Didier Philippe

Business Development Executive (France)

Art Didier loves:

Teresa Sgarbossa

Operations Manager

Art Teresa loves:

Quentin Parizot

Head of Product Design

Art Quentin loves:

Lauriane Dada

Operations Manager

Art Lauriane loves:

Rita Hamri

Business Development Executive (UK)

Art Rita loves:

Ottavia Ampuero Villagran

Business Development Executive (Italy, Spain)

Art Ottavia loves:

Emilie Torossian

Office Manager

Art Emilie loves:

Clémentine Denis

Lead User Researcher

Art Clémentine loves:

Bérénice Robaglia

Business Developper

Art Bérénice loves:

Aurélien Marcel


Art Aurélien loves:

Liam Richardson

Operations Analyst

Art Liam loves:

Chelsea Philipps

Operations Analyst

Art Chelsea loves:

Joseph Abisaleh

Head of UK

Art Joseph loves: