Art shipping

Ship artwork internationally and in the UK with specialised art logistics services.

What are art shipping services?

Art logistics takes care of the practical side of the global art industry.

Services include packing, handling, storage, and transport. As well as dealing with administrative tasks like customs declarations and insurance.

But who actually needs an art shipper?

Any company or individual in the UK that wants to transport art, such as auction houses, galleries, and antique dealers.

How fine art shipping works

The first step in art shipping is to make a booking with an art courier. This is followed by an initial evaluation to collect details about size, shape, and fragility of the artwork.

For larger pieces or exhibitions, the evaluation stage might also include a site visit. This helps artwork shipping companies to better plan for the actual pick up date.

Technicians then prepare for collection by selecting a range of non-abrasive materials for the soft packaging. Industry standard materials include blankets, bubble wrap, and foam padding.

When packing artworks, technicians apply three layers of soft packaging. For some pieces — like framed paintings or collectibles — art shipping companies also use wood crates or custom-made boxes to further safeguard items.

Finally, once all artworks are packed, they are securely transported to the next location. Artworks can be delivered curbside or to a specific room with white glove delivery.

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What you get with an art shipper

The difference between an art shipper and a regular courier company is expertise.

An art shipping company specialises in transporting delicate and high-value items. They use museum-quality materials and techniques to pack objects. Plus, they understand the need for extra care when handling artworks.

Art shippers are also experts in the complex world of customs. This is essential when shipping art made from plant or animal materials. Or for ensuring wood crates comply with No.15 (ISPM 15), a shipping regulation set by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPCC).

Basically, an art logistics company streamlines the process of moving artworks. And provides the peace of mind that valuable items are in safe hands — from collection to delivery.

Transport art with Convelio

Convelio is a team of more than 200 logistics experts. We have offices in Paris, London, and New York, and operate in more than 100 destinations around the world.

Central to our services is the Convelio art shipping platform where you can access instant quotes, book a shipment, and track progress in real time.

The result is a blend of innovative technology and logistics expertise, and a simplified approach to shipping art in the UK.

Visit the Convelio shipping platform to get a quote for your shipment.

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