[Art this month] - October edition

Our lovely Camilla listed all the cool art events to watch this October in Paris, London & New York!


Nuit Blanche

A night for the insomniacs: The Nuit Blanche on October 3rd invites Parisians to see the city in a different light. On this first Saturday of the month, the city stays open to host a range of evening activities that explore the world of contemporary art. From installations and exhibitions to live performances and concerts. The best part? Public transport stays open all night to allow the night owls to design their route among the dozens of avant-garde projects.


Image 1- Christo

Christo et Jeanne-Claude (LAST CHANCE)

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic couples in the art world, Christo and Jeanne-Claude are a must! This major exhibition focuses on The Wrappings and their Parisian period between 1958-64. It then moves forward to provide a retrospective of the wrapping of Pont-Neuf, installed in 1985, as well as the 2021 wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe, a project Christo first proposed in 1962!

WHEN: Until Oct. 19th WHERE: Centre Pompidou Pre-booking: Yes

Image 2 - Hans Hartung

Dans les pas de Hans Hartung

A story bringing together Hans Hartung and the Berthet-Aittouarès gallery. The works displayed, although only 20, aim to represent the artist's creative and professional journey as well as the faith of Michèle and Odile Aittouarès in his work. Interesting is the location: same address, where in 1936 Hartung made one of his first appearances in the Parisian scene.

WHEN: Until Oct. 31st WHERE: Galerie Berthet-Aittouarès Pre-Booking: No

Image 3- Ralph Gibson

The Somnambulist - Ralph Gibson

Radical and daring! Thierry Bigaignon gallery brings together the 1970 photographic trilogy known as The Somnambulist. At a time when photography was far from being an accepted medium, Ralph Gibson, influenced by the Nouvelle Vague filmmakers and novelists, attempts to his audience through a journey blending dream and reality.

WHEN: Until Oct. 31st WHERE: Galerie Thierry Bigaignon Pre-booking: No

Image 4 - hockney

Ma Normandie - Hockney

Curious to dive into the green and intimate landscape of Hockey? Galerie Lelong & Co. dedicates their 6th exhibition to Hockney, showcasing the contemporary works produced by the artist since his installation in Normandy in 2019.

WHEN: Oct. 15 - Dec 23 WHERE: Galerie Lelong & Co. Pre-booking: No


Image 5- Royal Academy

Young Artists' Summer show

Inspired by the iconic Summer show, this winter our favourite young artists are back! Featuring the works of primary and secondary students this is a perfect opportunity to discover the up and coming talents of the UK and beyond!

WHEN: Oct 19th - Nov 20 WHERE: Royal Academy of Arts Pre- booking: Yes

Image 6 - Daura Mauher

Dóra Maurer

Artist, teacher, curator, this woman never stops! Dora Maurer is a symbol of artistic resistance during the Hungarian socialist period, organising exhibitions in apartments and publishing underground journals. This exhibition seeks to explore her constant motion, never tied down to one medium.

WHEN: Until Jan 21th WHERE: Tate Modern Pre- booking: Yes

Image 7- Andy warhol

Andy Warhol

No explanation needed… the one and only Warhol. P.s. it includes works never before seen in the UK!

WHEN: Until Nov 11 WHERE: Tate Modern Pre-booking: yes

Image 8- edmund

Edmund de Waal: Library of Exile

A unique experience. British writer and artist Edmund de Waal has set up library of exile inside the British Museum. An interactive installation hosting more than 2000 books by writers in exile, from Dante di Judith Kerr, intended for contemplation and dialogue. Visitors can write in books that most impress them, as well as enjoy a series of panel discussions organised in collaboration with English PEN.

WHEN: Until Jan 12th WHERE: British Museum Pre- booking: Yes

Image 9- Frieze

Frieze Sculptures

Run, play, eat, chat around life size sculptures! A public sculpture installation by Frieze right in Regent park.

WHEN: 5-8 Oct WHERE: Regent park Pre- booking: No

Theaster Gate

White Cube - Theaster Gates

Following Theaster Gates’ special feature of new multidisciplinary work for Frieze, White Cube will present it as a public exhibition in their Bermondsey Gallery on special dates in October. Make sure not to miss it and book in advance!

WHEN: 11, 16 and 18 Oct. WHERE: White Cube Bermondsey PRE-BOOKING: Yes

Gagosian train yard

Gagosian - Train Yards

Bringing together painting and 3-dimensional objects, Mary Weatherford brings us on an abstract journey in her first solo exhibition in Gagosian. Inspired by the illuminated street signs of California, neon tubes became a characteristic of her best works.

WHEN: Now until Dec 19th WHERE: Gagosian PRE-BOOKING: Yes

Laure prouvost

Laure Prouvost: Re-dit-en-un-in-learning CENTER

From the solo booth at Frieze to the private exhibition, this woman has it all! Lisson Gallery London is presenting the work of Laure Prouvost, and you don’t want to miss it. An educational environment to re-learn or un-learn what you forgot you already knew. To know more about what that means you’ll just have to go check it out!

WHEN: Oct 6th to Nov 7th WHERE: Lisson PRE-BOOKING: Yes


frieze nyc

Frieze Sculptures

Run, play, eat, chat around life size sculptures! A public sculpture installation by Frieze right in Rockefeller centre.

WHEN: Until Oct 2nd WHERE: Rockefeller Centre Pre- booking: No

Image 10- hope wanted

Hope wanted: New York city under quarantine

How did New Yorker’s live the pandemic? Curated by poet and journalist Kevin Powell, this open-air exhibition features more than 50 photographs and audio interviews, capturing both tragedy and resilience. The exhibition space also includes an interactive area where visitors can reflect and record their own experiences of the pandemic.

WHEN: Until Nov 29th WHERE: New York Historical’s rear courtyard Pre- booking: No

Image 11- Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver’s

Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver’s Cinematic Illumination

Time travel to Tokyo 1969? Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver takes us on an immersive visual journey, transforming a frame-by-frame film into a 360-degree environment. Moving to Tokyo to pursue filmmaking in 1967, Gulliver found himself surrounded by a booming post-war youth culture, giving way to debates about technology, politics, and Japanese-US relations.

WHEN: Until Feb WHERE: MoMa Pre- booking: Yes

Image 12 - Studio 54

Studio 54: Night magic

For all those wanting to rewind into the crazy past of New York, this one’s for you. A retrospective into the crazy world of Studio 54, one of the most iconic clubs of the 70s. This exhibition uses photography, drawing, fashion and film to place the nightclub within the wider history of New York, from Prohibition to the 70s.

WHEN: Until Nov 8th WHERE: Brooklyn Museum Pre- booking: Yes

September 24, 2020