Earth day 2020

Earth day 2020


Today is a special day, Earth day! At Convelio, we believe that it is important to take a step back and reflect. 2020 has already been a difficult year for the Earth. In January we saw some of the worst Australian bushfires ever recorded, and by March the world was under threat again by a global pandemic which changed the way every one of us lives and exists in the world - both events are an acute reminder of how vulnerable our planet is, and how change is not only needed, it is demanded. At Convelio we are convinced that the logistics industry needs to rethink itself and evolve to a more sustainable way of existing. This is a complex but crucial jigsaw to solve. This is why we want to take initiatives in the years to come to contribute to change. Below a quick overview of our strategic plan towards sustainability:

Our vision

With 17% of global emission of CO2 coming from shipping, logistics is clearly the elephant in the room when talking about environmental issues (WWF, 2019). What we want is to reduce it and become one of the first logistics and transportation companies in the world to compensate for carbon emissions.

Our eco squad

A cross-departmental project, where our operations team works hand in hand with our tech, product and business development teams to envision a greener solution for our clients.

Our strategy

Focused on 4 objectives, as a first step to make a difference 1 - Calculate: get a calculation system in place to know how much CO2 our activity produces. 2 - Inform: information is power. Once we know our CO2 emissions, we can think of ways to influence the different stakeholders and raise awareness (e.g. team, collaborators, clients, and partners). Proposing options with different carbon emissions, prices and ETAs - all in all, guiding our partners to make more sustainable, and ecologically friendly decisions. 3 - Reduce our environmental impact: how should we compensate? With whom? To what extent? Those are questions that need to be solved. Recently we have been considering collaboration with specific NGOs in order to compensate in a meaningful way, whilst simultaneously looking for alternative options in our own operations. 4- Raise awareness: as numerous articles have highlighted the Art world needs to rethink its approach. Without wider society awareness on the ecological question, nothing can change fundamentally. Lately, we have seen more and more clients willing to pursue more economical and ecological shipping solutions (e.g. wood crating recycling, consolidation of shipments and greener packaging) and asking questions about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We are always happy to discuss this and brainstorm with them how to build the industry of tomorrow, if you want to take part on this journey with us please do not hesitate to drop us a line on!


The world of tomorrow depends on change. As technology gives us knowledge and Art a social conscience, it is important for us as an Art/ Tech company to leverage our tools to build a more comprehensive industry. Although it is a difficult challenge, especially at this current moment, to implement and deploy a thorough timeline - “ The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.”- Seth Godin. All in all, watch this space.

April 21, 2020