Go digital: Convelio launches Art + platform

This has been an exciting week at Convelio as we launched Art + our partnership platform which champions new ways of working in the artworld.

Art + Technology will be the first edition of the site, and it supports art businesses wanting to digitalise. We are already working on future iterations of the site where we can explore other ways art businesses can be innovative and forward thinking - watch this space!

Art + Technology is a directory of Convelio's partner technology companies offering exclusive discounts. The website also presents a set of resources including videos, interviews, and case studies given by industry leaders on how to digitalise with the minimum time and cost investment.

The platform offers free advice, from investing in technology to streamlining operations and client communications. It encourages businesses to update their internal operations to increase customer relations and sales conversions. As well as this there are exclusive discounts available with our technology partners, please feel free to browse the platform here.

The Art + Technology project was started alongside the rapid growth seen in the online art market during the March lockdown. Many businesses had expressed a keen interest in updating their websites, exploring alternative selling options and learning more about their online network. However, Convelio noticed that many of their clients were being held back by the simple fact that they were unsure of where to begin.

Edouard Gouin, Convelio’s CEO said: “For many, A.I., SEO and e-commerce are unexplored business ideas. Art + Technology will make these tools understandable and accessible. Digitalisation is a simple process that should not cost too much in terms of time, energy or money. We want to find ways to offer support to all businesses as they adapt.”

Displaying the prices of works online still feels fairly new to the art and antiques world, but Convelio says that a large proportion of their network will be introducing new online buying options in the imminent future. They have noticed that sellers are becoming more comfortable with price transparency, which is having a positive impact on the health of the market.

“The shift to digital online buying is inevitable, the change has encouraged increased price transparency which in turn is instilling a new confidence for art buyers. Price transparency and e-commerce are two essentials for forward thinking art businesses.“

“Many of our clients, from gallerists to collectors, from all over the world have expressed the exact same vision for what the future of buying art looks like - with this in mind, I am certain that over the next six months we will see more and more galleries, art fairs and auction houses moving to e-commerce models.”

We have been working with some brilliant partners for the launch of the Art + Technology platform - we are so excited to share it with our network!

November 18, 2020