Product announcement - Instant quoting - a revolution

Getting an instant quote seemed to be impossible in the logistics industry, and in fact the average time to receive one for an international order would be between 48 and 72 hours. But believe it or not, we manage to do it because at Convelio we really believe that your time is precious.

Introduction about our Instant quoting tool

Our instant quoting system provides a price for any of your shipments in less than a minute, and since we are specialised in fine Art and High end design shipments we are able to  provide the quality service expected in the Industry. 

The transport and logistics industry is entering a transformative process. Indeed, the industry has not yet been disrupted by technology (PWC, 2019). We believe that the industry should move towards the interconnectedness that the rest of the world is experiencing, and away from the opaque, archaic and tiresome state that it is currently in. What we manage to achieve at Convelio is to leverage technology as a powerful tool to revive the sector.

Our instant quoting system is simply the result of well thought and complex data gathering in the sector. In the 21st century, data has become the new gold and by analysing, classifying and comprehensively automatising it we managed to create an innovative matrice. 

Our tools are made to be as tailored as possible and allow you to benefit from a competitive rate worldwide. Getting an instant quote is as easy as: 

Step 1: Get your quote in a few clicks! You input the following information:  pick up and delivery destination, dimensions, value (for insurance purposes), type of delivery (white gloves or curbside), packing required (already softpacked or woodcrated) … and like that in just a few clicks you get your shipping price. Additionally, you can add any relevant information and images. 

Step 2: Share with us valuable information about your transport! Once confirmed, you can add more information about the pick-up and delivery. We believe this is extremely useful as it provides you with flexibility and allows the whole process to go smoothly.  You need to add some basic information about collection and delivery. Furthermore, based on your availability, you can select the pick up date with a pick-up time that suits you - to note this will be taken into consideration when collecting the pieces - same thing with the delivery process. 

Step 3: Book & pay your shipment The only thing left to do is to pay for your shipment and our operations team take care of the rest. You will receive an automatic email with the sum  of your order and a tracking link, and a Convelio employee will get in touch with you.

5 reasons to use it?  1- It is easy  2- It is time efficient 3- It is user friendly  4- It is transparent  5- It is competitive

For the time being, our quoting system covers pick up from Europe to more than 70 international destinations.

We are currently working on the next Convelio IQ with even more surprises and features! Stay tuned!


September 18, 2019