The Clients of Convelio - SG Gallery Milano

Sharon Goldreich, founder of SG Gallery Milano, a gallery specialising in 20th century Italian design and works dating from the Art Nouveau era to the post-World War II period, gave us an exclusive interview in which he explains how the idea of opening SG Gallery Milano came about, who his clients are and how digitalisation has brought improvements to the art world.

What is your vision of the digitisation of the art world? What are the great opportunities ahead?

Thanks to the magic of digitisation, today you can be anywhere in the world and manage your work. Not only that, it has also made it possible to reach an international clientele that was previously only accessible by attending international fairs.

How did the idea for SG Gallery come about? 

SG Gallery was born from my studies in London and general passion for antiques. This passion brought me to Italy, the beating heart of design. How do you define the style and time period of the objects you acquire? SG Gallery specialises in 20th century design - exclusively historical Italian design, from Art Nouveau to post-war. 

Could you describe the profile of your clients?

We have an international audience that buys or collects 20th century Italian design, the sector I am specialised in. Some come to us to furnish their residences, others are interior decorators who mostly rely on us to carry out various projects. 

Would you say that transport plays an important role in our market?

Absolutely. In the old days, when you sold a piece, it was a real headache to organise transport - customs, taxes, etc. It was a nightmare that wasted everyone's time. Since Convelio’s arrival, it's been like the equivalent of having an in-house logistics team with us.

March 22, 2021