Convelio Ltd. – Terms & Conditions in the United Kingdom

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Convelio Ltd (“Convelio), incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 11392892 whose registered address is at 7 Savoy Court, South Bank, London, WC2R 0EX. Convelio may be referred to as the “Company”, “Warehouse”, “Warehouseman”, or “Service Provider”.

In these Conditions:

1.1 ACR notice means a notice in writing in relation to the referral of a claim to mediation.

1.2 Alternative Claim Resolution means any procedure agreed by the parties for the resolution of claims other than those involving formal arbitration or litigation.

1.3 Approved Transport List means the list of approved items prepared pursuant to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 and as updated from time to time.

1.4 Company means the person (corporate or otherwise) who contracts with the Customer to carry the Goods.

1.5 CEDR means the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.

1.6 Conditions means these Terms and Conditions.

1.7 Contract means the agreement between the Customer and the Company for the carrying out of the transport service in relation to the Goods including all documents expressly incorporated therein.

1.8 Consignee means the person (corporate or otherwise and who may or may not be the Customer) to whom the Company, its subcontractors or agents contract to deliver the Consignment.

1.9 Consignment means the consignment of the Goods at any one time from one Consignor in a single load from one address to one Consignee at any one other address.

1.10 Consignor means the person (corporate or otherwise who may or may not be the Customer) who supplies the Consignment to the Company for carriage.

1.11 Customer means the person (corporate or otherwise) who contracts with the Company for the carriage of goods.

1.12 Dangerous Goods means Goods of any nature including those listed in the Approved Carriage List which represent a hazard, or include radioactive material and explosives of any nature.

1.13 Delay means failure by the Company to deliver the Goods within the agreed time limit (if any).

1.14 Exempt Products means bullion, precious metals, precious stones, money (whether in note or coin form), securities, stamps, legal or business documents, living creatures or anything of a similar nature.

1.15 Goods means the goods whether single or multiple units or in bulk which are transported in the Consignment.

1.16 Loss means the actual loss of the Goods or failure by the Company to deliver the Goods. Loss includes (without limitation) theft, destruction, damage, unavailability, contamination, deterioration, non/miss/unauthorised delivery, noncompliance with instructions/obligations or incorrect advice or information.

1.17 Owner’s Risk means that the Goods are held upon terms that the Company shall not be liable for any loss of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused including negligence in relation to the Goods or as a consequence of the Goods being in the Company’s possession.

1.18 Services shall refer to any and all work performed by the Company for a Customer, including but not limited to storage, transport, carriage, handling, movement, collecting, receiving, delivering, placement and securing of the Goods, as well as construction and repair of crates and other storage or travel containers for the Goods.

1.19 Shipper shall refer to any person (corporate or otherwise) that consigns the Goods for transport, carriage, packing and related services.

1.20 Sub-contractor means any person (corporate or otherwise) engaged by the Company to carry out warehousing and/or storage of Goods on its behalf.

1.21 The expressions Company, Consignee, Consignor and Customer shall include those parties’ principals, agents and servants.