Tailor-made services for shipping antiques

Convelio specializes in the end-to-end management of the antique shipping journey. We create bespoke logistics plans to securely transport antiques across the US and worldwide.

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Explore art transportation options designed for shipping antiques. Discover market-setting rates on our instant quoting platform.


Transform antique shipping with our digital technology and New York-based team of logistics experts. More time means more possibilities.


Explore intra-US shipping options for art galleries with real-time market-setting rates from our powerful instant quoting platform.

Soft packaging

Secure antique transportation starts with high-quality packing materials. We use bubble wrap, blankets, and foam-padding for our soft-packaging service. Technicians then prepare artworks with a three-layer packing technique.

Wood crating

An elevated level of care is needed when shipping antiques. We use custom-made and export compliant wood crates — all crafted by technicians. Our bespoke crating services are designed for the transportation of antiques.

Air freight

Shipping art on a plane requires expertise and a deep knowledge of global supply chains. Our air freight services take care of the entire process of shipping antiques, from online booking to white glove delivery.

Customs clearances

Customs clearance can be a complex process when shipping antiques, but we simplify it. With Convelio’s customs clearance administration service, we take care of all formalities to ensure smooth shipments worldwide.

Curbside delivery

Curbside delivery is exactly how it sounds. A shipment is delivered to your door at a pre-arranged date and time. This is a flexible service and a trusted method for shipping antiques in the US and around the world.

"With offices in London, Paris, and New York, we have a global network of dedicated art logistics specialists to support you across time zones and languages. Our aim is to make shipping antiques easy through industry expertise, tech-enabled logistics, and customizable services."

Jeremie, VP of Global Operations

Jeremie - VP of Global Operations - Convelio

Trusted art shipper for the US market.

"Fast, effective, trustworthy and flexible. We love working with Convelio for all types of shippings - local and international - high volume and high value pieces. We highly recommend!"

The Invisible Collection

The Invisible Collection

Lily Froehlicher, General Manager

"Convelio has consistently provided excellent service with a fine attention to detail and good customer service, in addition to competitive rates."

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Gallery Léage

Guillaume Léage, Director

"We started working with Convelio during the Covid-19 pandemic, and despite the challenges faced they have consistently provided great services, with competitive rates and a relentless attention to detail."

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Unit London

Valentine Comar, Logistics Manager

"Convelio's reactivity and reliability help us exceed our clients' expectations. "

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Marché Biron

Alexandre Vossion, Antique dealer

Reach the world’s major art shipping hubs in just a few clicks.

Convelio operates in more than 100 destinations with a global network of fine art logistics professionals. We coordinate the entire shipping process, from collection to last mile delivery, to securely transport artworks across the US and around the world.

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