SNA x Convelio - Bringing Tech to Antiques

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Convelio and the Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA). SNA is one of the oldest associations of antique and art dealers in France, and their mission is to protect and promote the profession of the antiques dealer both in France and internationally.

The SNA brings together around 250 members who will now benefit from exclusive offers on Convelio’s Instant Quoting tool. As well as this, the partnership will produce a number of workshops for the SNA community on best practises for the handling and transportation of fine art and antiques.

Convelio’s co-founder Edouard Gouin said: “At Convelio, we know that antique dealers and art galleries are key players in the art market, and that their knowledge, expertise and specialisation is essential for the preservation of our common heritage. We are therefore proud to be supporting them in their logistics, working hard to ensure that each and every piece - whether it is a painting from the Belle Epoque, 19th century bronzes, or sculptures from the Renaissance - is treated with the care it requires.”

At Convelio, we know that plenty of details need to be taken into account during the whole value chain. Antique pieces - usually rare, fragile, and of incomparable cultural value - need to be handled with the greatest care.

The first step, and arguably the most important one, is soft packing the pieces. Packing is an art, which differs depending on the material and size of each artwork that is being protected. The second step is custom crating - adapting the crate to the dimension, weight and typology of the piece to ensure its safety, and making sure that the wood used adheres to international standards for phytosanitary measures.

When a stunning antique piece reaches its final destination in the last part of the value chain, our handlers take over. Experts in their craft, our handlers take care of manoeuvring the piece until its final spot by doing the final assemblage or positioning it correctly. It requires a savoir faire, grace, but also planning to make sure that the piece can enter through the doors. Once the antique takes its place of honour in the collectors' home, our job is done!

Looking ahead, we are thrilled about the opportunities that the partnership with the Syndicat National des Antiquaires represent. Stay tuned for more!

April 26, 2021