The Clients of Convelio - Maison Rapin

Philippe Rapin’s “Maison” encapsulates two galleries in Paris, Kam Tin Furniture, and an entire universe of eclectic and artistic taste. As one of Convelio’s 1,200+ clients, he has been counting on us to handle complex shipments since his first order in June 2018! Here is what Alice Kargar, his associate, had to say about us...

Profiling of an Art market leader

We have very big and large pieces made with very heavy materials like glass and gemstones, so it's always a big challenge to find a way to ship them in a safe way. What is very helpful with Convelio is the fact that they have given us this digital place where you are able to have an instant quote. You go online, you give all your details, all the shipping details to the final destination, and in one second you're going to have a quote that includes all the different services that you can expect from a shipping company.

Thanks to Convelio, we have been able to conclude and to finalize some deals specifically because they are able to give us very fast quotes. So we are able on our side to give the client the exact cost of what is going to be the price, including the shipping, if they buy the piece.

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Exceptional shipments

We have some nice stories because they have been shipping a lot of very specific pieces we had. I can remember the concave mirrors - they shipped a few of them - it’s a work made by Roberto Rida, an Italian artist that works with vintage glasses, and he creates these crazy big mirrors of 1.20 meters of diameter. It was a very difficult process, but they have been able to take care of it perfectly.

We do a lot of international art fairs. We go to New York, Brussels, and London every year and we are definitely going to work with Convelio for these fairs to take care of the whole shipping. So there's a lot of specificities regarding the deadlines, the shipping condition and the delivery on-site, because you're going to have a very quick installation for the delivery. So there's a lot of specific points with fair logistics that Convelio is going to take care of for us now.

A happy client!

I wanted to thank all the Convelio team, because they have been very helpful, and I really think that the whole concept of Convelio is very smart and is something we needed in the art industry. And I just wanted to thank you for offering us this opportunity to work faster and to be more efficient.

From fine art and contemporary galleries to auction houses and interior designers, our clients are confident in our care of their finest works as we transport them from one side of the world, to the other. From the creation of their booking, to their works’ arrival at the final destination, we support and assume responsibility for the full operation.The dedication to our clients remains our center focus as we monitor and communicate each step of the shipment journey, providing you with a professional service and a highly personalised experience.

October 20, 2020