From standard customs declarations to exceptional procedures, our team takes care of the formalities to ensure frictionless delivery around the world.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is the act of taking goods through the customs authority of a country. It’s a necessary part of the international shipping process and provides documented permission to enable a shipment to be imported or exported.

Most goods cannot be moved internationally without customs clearance. The purchase and sale of works of art are also subject to taxation, such as VAT and customs duties. This can add layers of complexity to the transportation of fine art, but we can simplify the process.

At Convelio, we take care of all your customs formalities as part of the customs clearance administration service. This is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to provide a seamless shipping experience, and the service is included at no additional cost.

You can find out more about taxation for artworks here.

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Exceptional customs

There are times when international fine art shipments need exceptional customs clearance to cross borders, such as a CITES permit.

CITES regulates the trade of wildlife and endangered species. This means some objects could be covered by the regulation, such as rare animal skins. Other exceptional formalities include temporary admission under ATA carnet (for total or partial relief of import duty). Or an export licence for certain goods, such as high-value or antique cultural pieces.

To manage these situations, we have customs agents in every major art hub around the world. This ensures the swift movement of shipments and the efficient delivery of goods in compliance with complex regulations.

You can read more about CITES here.

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