With door-to-door curbside delivery, artworks are carefully delivered direct to your location. For a truly bespoke delivery to a specific room, add white glove service with expert installation by our trusted technicians.

Curbside delivery

Curbside delivery is exactly how it sounds – it is the expert delivery of a shipment direct to your door, at a specific date and time.

With curbside delivery, artworks are carefully unloaded at the destination in preparation for future unpacking and installation. This is the final stage of the shipping journey and ensures items arrive safely, at the right time.

Curbside delivery can be booked from anywhere in the world and is supported by our global network of fine art logistics partners. It is flexible, economical and secure, providing clients with a trusted method for transporting valuable artworks.

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White glove service

White glove delivery is a premium service. It is fulfilled by fine art technicians who specialize in handling delicate and complex shipments.

With the white glove service, items are carefully removed from the delivery vehicle and transported into a room of your choice. Technicians then skilfully unpack the item, ensuring fragile pieces are handled with the utmost care and attention.

Finally, the wood crate and packing materials are collected by our team and removed from the site. For fine art shipments that require special attention to detail and expert handling, white glove delivery ticks all the right boxes.

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Expert installation

We work with the world’s leading teams to deliver the finest art handling services, including expert installation. This service is an extension of white glove delivery and comprises the assembly, arrangement and set up of artworks.

Installation begins with the careful unpacking of items. Fine art technicians then discreetly position pieces for display according to your specifications. If required, we can even provide guidance on the placement of artworks following an initial consultation.

In fact, with expert installation, we take care of the entire process with minimal disruption to your day. For the shipment of large and delicate items, like rare antique furniture, sculptures or art collections, expert installation is the ultimate premium delivery service.

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