From museum-quality crates to lightweight alternatives, our fine art packing and shipping services are designed to protect high-value items. Custom solutions include tailor-made boxes (USA-only), soft-packaging, and bespoke wood crates.

Soft Packaging

At Convelio, we understand that the key to securing fine art shipping is through expert packing and handling. This is why our technicians first develop a soft packaging plan to prepare items for transport.

We use non-abrasive materials for soft packaging like bubble wrap, blankets and foam-padding. Experienced technicians then use a three-layer packing technique, with the first layer in direct contact with the work of art. This protects pieces from dust, scratches and finger marks.

For US-bound or Intra-US shipments, soft packaging can be followed with wood crates or optional lightweight and durable protective cases. These are created exclusively for valuable or fragile items and are designed to match the shape of individual pieces.

We can pack a range of artworks for shipping, including paintings, antiques, and collectible design objects. Our technicians are also available to pack onsite at galleries, institutions, private residences and warehouses.

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Wood crates

Shipping delicate items requires an elevated level of care and attention, so we use custom-made and export compliant wood crates – all crafted by our technicians.

The process of building a bespoke crate begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the artwork to assess size and shape. Technicians then develop the wooden structure through a combination of specialized construction skills and years of fine art logistics experience.

Primarily, wood crates are designed to support fragile objects while in transit, but they can also protect against environmental factors like temperature and humidity. Likewise, crating services are used to cushion heavy pieces, such as sculptures or rare antique furniture.

All of our bespoke wood crates are produced with the highest quality materials in compliance with international regulation No. 15 (ISPM 15). This safeguards your artworks during the shipping journey and ensures items are securely delivered.

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