How to pack art for shipping

Fine art logistics starts with a tailored art packing plan.

It all starts with art packaging

Packing art for shipping always starts the same way — with an expert assessment of artworks.

This helps technicians to select the right packaging materials based on the size and condition of individual items. The evaluation is carried out for all shipments, whether you want to pack art for storage or transport.

Next, artworks are wrapped with a three-layer packing technique. The first layer protects against fingerprints and scratches, and the following two layers cushion the item.

Some pieces are then placed in packing boxes for artwork, like a wood crate. This is to safeguard against temperature changes, humidity, and vibrations during the journey.

All wood crates have to comply with No.15 (ISPM 15), a regulation set by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPCC). This is necessary when sending wood packaging between countries and reduces the possibility of delays at customs.

Technicians usually recommend wood crates for delicate artworks that need extra support.

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What is art packing?

Art packing is a specialised service in fine art logistics.

It involves the use of soft art packaging materials like bubble wrap, foam padding, and blankets. As well as custom-made structures like wood crates and painting packing boxes.

Fine art shippers pack art to provide protection during transportation. And to make sure items safely arrive at the destination.

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Professional artwork packing

A fine art logistics technician has in-depth knowledge of both the art world and the supply chain. This expertise is then used to create a customised art pack plan.

For example, the process of packing designer furniture is not the same as packing a framed painting, or a collection of antique vases. Every piece of art is different, so a tailored approach is needed for each shipment.

Technicians also have specialist carpentry skills for building bespoke wood crates, and an understanding of how to secure items inside. This is crucial when shipping valuable or fragile pieces.

Then there is the type of transport to consider, with factors like customs, storage, and climate all influencing an art pack plan.

All of this is why art businesses — from galleries to auction houses — hire professional art packers like Convelio.

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Art packing services at Convelio

Convelio has an office in Central London and a network of art shipping partners across the UK.

We provide solutions for single shipments or entire exhibitions. As well as pack art for short or long-term storage.

Our technicians can pack onsite at private residences, galleries, institutions, and warehouses. And we offer a range of packing services from soft artwork packaging to wood crates.

Outside of the UK, we have offices in Paris and New York and operate in more than 100 destinations around the world.

Find out more about Convelio’s furniture packing and shipping services here. Or visit the shipping platform to get an instant quote for your shipment.

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