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The professional way to transport paintings

Painting shipping requires specialist skills and knowledge. Whether transporting paintings in the UK or overseas.

To ship a painting, you need to know how to pack an artwork so it will be protected during transit. As well as understand the supply chain and the pros and cons of different types of transport.

This is why many businesses hire professionals to do it for them.

Fine art logistics companies work with art galleries, auction houses, antique dealers, marketplaces, and private collectors. They are trained to handle fragile and high-value artworks, and are experts in preparing items for shipping.

In fact, a painting shipper takes a customised approach to each shipment, so that every piece of art is handled with care.

For example, the process of shipping an oil painting with a frame is not the same as transporting canvas wall art. Both items are sensitive, but are packed in slightly different ways.

When packing a painting for shipping, materials like glassine paper, foam padding, and bubble wrap are used. But with a framed painting, the frame also needs protection in the form of cardboard corners or extra padding.

Likewise, the glass in a frame has to be secured when shipping a painting. This is done by applying tape to reinforce the glass, followed by a cardboard sheet or foam board.

Whereas with a canvas piece of art, the entire surface of the painting is exposed, so it has to be delicately handled. Plus, canvas artworks are usually lighter than framed pieces, which also impacts the packing process.

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When to use a painting shipping box

When shipping a painting, a logistics company will often use a painting shipping box, like a wood crate or a durable case.

Wood crates protect paintings against environmental factors like changes in temperature and humidity, as well as vibrations during art transportation. All important considerations when transporting paintings that are delicate or valuable.

Crates are also made from export-compliant treated wood. This further safeguards artwork and reduces the possibility of delays at customs.

Alternatively, a durable case is a lightweight structure made from cardboard. This is a cheaper option that is easy to assemble, but doesn’t offer the same level of protection as a wood crate.

For this reason, a wood crate is usually recommended to ship large paintings or high-value artworks.

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Ship a painting with Convelio

Convelio specializes in global fine art logistics, including painting shipping.

We have offices in New York, Paris, and London, and operate in more than 100 destinations around the world.

In the US, we pack paintings at private residences, galleries, auction houses, fairs, and warehouses. We then transport paintings across the country with vans and shuttles. Or send them overseas by sea or air freight.

Our clients include some of the leading names in the art world, such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Design Miami.

Find out more about our painting shipping services here. Or get an instant quote at the Convelio shipping platform.

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