Everything you need to know about the Convelio API

Everything you need to know about the Convelio API

What is it ? 

Convelio was created to make fine art shipping easy. We are a freight forwarding company that provides the art market with a highly customized transport solution at competitive rates. 

Our technology-led instant quotation proprietary algorithm has proved to be a real game changer for our clients. Thanks to our solution, you can get a shipping quote in less than 45 seconds instead of waiting the usual 48h to get an answer. We aimed at solving the last remaining piece by  allowing the art market players to boost their performance and making it easier for any art buyers to purchase from long distance or online. Innovation being at the center of what we do, we decided today to dive one step further. The creation of an Application Programming Interface (API) is an encouraging step towards the digitization of the logistics industry - embracing a more efficient information sharing system. 

An API is a digital tool that acts as a bridge between two systems to communicate together in real time. In our case, it allows any web platforms to get our prices for any shipping quote request (any items, any destinations) in just 1 millisecond. 

To keep it simple, Convelio’s API can be integrated into any systems to streamline the logistics of your business. Always in the same philosophy, you will get competitive prices with transparent order management solutions and a dedicated customer service directly integrated in your business streamline. We operate from everywhere in Europe and serve more than 40 countries internationally.

To note, this is a secure process where the data passing between systems is protected and cannot be diffused

Who can benefit from the Convelio API? 

The Convelio API can be used in many different ways. For instance : 

E-commerce and online platforms 

Integrating the API directly into an e-commerce will allow online users to book their shipment directly on their website and fulfil their order. Indeed, your clients can get a shipping price based on their delivery address directly from the product page or on the checkout page in a simple click, without having to leave the website !  This drastically increases the sales conversation rate, by streamlining the checkout process and enabling clients to have all the information available to finalize their purchases - No more back and forth with the client to organise the shipment and endless conversations to understand the additional costs - . E.g.  You are an online marketplace selling Contemporary art, by integrating an API your users can directly know the cost of shipment in just a click without leaving your platform. As the client finalizes the check out process, Convelio automatically gets paid for the order and starts organizing the logistics to safely ship the painting to its new home.

Inventory management systems for businesses

The API can be used as a powerful tool for inventory management and order management system. This can be integrated into any businesses willing to keep track of their inventories and shipping pipeline. The integration of the Convelio API in your back end interface means that you could instantly submit quote and keep track of them. This can be extremely useful for galleries, auction houses, antiques dealers, designers ….  E.g.  You are a Gallery that has more than 250 lots in your inventory. You want to have a clear understanding of your inventory system and keep track of all the lots you have sold. With the Convelio API, you can order instantly, keep track and share the information with your clients. 

Auction Houses

Our system can be automatically integrated into any auction houses’ bespoke system. By doing so, auction houses can streamline their logistics processes and directly integrate the prices associated to shipping for each item in the catalogue- hence instantly quoting your catalogue.

E.g. You are an auction house that has a major sale with more than 300 lots. With the Convelio API,  you can have the price associated to shipment for each item for different locations. After the sale, the department responsible can directly book the shipment on their internal system. To note, this is a secure process where the data passing between systems is protected and cannot be diffused keeping the clients’ privacy. 

Insurance Companies

Convelio API can also be used by insurance companies that want to keep track of their insured goods. By doing so, you can have a clear view of the supply chain of transport and handle claim management and investigations easily.

E.g : At Convelio we work with AXA insurance to provide ad-valorem insurance on your shipment. AXA could definitely benefit from our API as risk mitigation tools which will allow them to keep track of their insured items. This will also benefit the clients by making the process of claims management smoother and easy in case of damages.

August 20, 2019