Life@Convelio: Marc's insider view as a Product Manager

Marc joined Convelio in April 2021 as a fully remote Product Manager in the Product team. In this interview, he talks about his experience in the Product team at Convelio.

Who are you and where do you come from?

I'm Marc, I come from the most beautiful department in France: the Périgord (Dordogne). I studied in Paris. Some years ago, I discovered the job of Product Manager through an internship, and I have been following this path ever since.

How did you join Convelio?

I have had experiences as a product manager in small and large companies and I was looking for a position in a start-uo to have a real and meaningful impact on the business. Being able to work fully remotely was also very important for me. I had heard very positive feedback about Convelio and the team from the members of the Product team, so when a new position opened up, I decided to apply.

What do you do at Convelio?

I am in the Supplier Product squad of the Product Management team: I orchestrate the development of the digital platform for our transport service providers. The Product Manager synchronises the different members of his squad during the different phases of the product: user research, design, strategy, development of the solution and data analysis to measure the success of the different functionalities.

What do you like most about your job?

First of all, the diversity of tasks: user interviews, design workshops, writing technical specifications, communication to stakeholders, KPI analysis; the tasks are very diverse. There is also a great deal of autonomy within the product squads – our Head of Product hands us the creative space to carry out our projects. And what is very motivating is the construction of a concrete, albeit digital product. Finally, I like the cross-functional aspect because I am linked to the business developers, the operations managers, the UX researchers, designers and developers, and to the company's overall strategy. There is a wide variety of people to build relationships with in this job and that's what I like!

How did you experience your remote onboarding at Convelio? What did you like/dislike, what did you learn?

First of all, I had a very warm welcome from everyone at Convelio. It was one of the best onboarding sessions I've ever done, it was very structured: I was able to see all the functions of Convelio, which provided a good amount of information. The managers who presented the Convelio Welcome Trainings were very available to answer questions and very considerate. Our digital tools are also well utilized, especially Notion (our intranet), which allowed me to have all the information in an organized structure and to quickly comprehend and stay on top of the most important subjects.

How do you feel about your experience of working remotely at Convelio?

I don’t live in a conventional home – I live in a van, so my plan was to find a remote job. Living remotely in my van allows me to travel to different parts of France and not be obliged to go to the office. This is my definition of real freedom in my work-life balance. I don't see remote working reducing productivity. Several members of the Product and Tech team are in remote locations and it hasn’t put any barriers between us: we are all still in daily contact. In my opinion, this way of working is in line with the modern world, and avoids long meetings that would otherwise be unproductive.

How do you see Convelio growing in the coming years?

We will continue to grow at a significant rate for a while, and we will also become more advanced and increasingly structured, particularly the Tech and Product team, which will enable us to develop ever more effective products for our customers, our internal teams and our suppliers.

Written by Marlo Lorand and Lucas Spaccarotella

October 7, 2021