Life@Convelio - Nady, Operations Analyst

Nady joined Convelio in November 2020 as an Operations Analyst in the UK Customer Care team. In this interview, she shares her insider view of the Customer Care team and her experience of a full-remote onboarding at Convelio.

Who are you? Where do you come from?

I am Nadezhda and I am from Bulgaria but I have been living in London for more than 3 years now. I graduated in BA International Relations from King’s College London in August 2020.

What led you here?

After my graduation I wanted to challenge myself in a dynamic environment that would motivate and drive me forward. Convelio’s service is unique and I was ultimately attracted to the idea of intersection between art and technology.

I remember thinking how amazing it would be to provide a seamless customer experience in a market where people are used to slow and complicated processes. Revolutionising such a niche and fragmented industry is brave and tricky and I am so happy to be part of this transformation that Convelio has been leading since 2017.

What is your job, what are your missions?

I joined Convelio as Operations Analyst, part of the UK Customer Care team. I am responsible for quoting, booking the orders in our system, communicating with the clients the status of their shipments and assisting them with their enquiries. Among my key missions are keeping clients happy and satisfied as well as executing Convelio’s services in the best possible way in line with our goal to become the world’s leading fine-art freight forwarder.   

What do you love most about your role, and what makes operations exciting at Convelio?

I love the fast-paced working environment of Operations at Convelio. The Customer Care team is the key link between the First Mile team, which coordinates the pickup stage, and the Last Mile team, which is about taking care of our exports. You need to be familiar with all the processes in order to properly communicate with the clients and answer their various requests. What I find exciting is the overview one gets from the quote request to the very final delivery of the piece of art. You are able to be a key part of and observe the entire cycle of the shipment of a piece of art. Moreover, the daily communication with clients and building a stronger relationship with them is fulfilling and makes you feel as you are part of something bigger.

What is the coolest quote / project you’ve worked on?

I love complicated quotes that involve requesting the cost from different partners. It is a bit like combining pieces of a cool puzzle: once you have all the parts in front of you, you can complete the puzzle and go back to the customer with the full offer. 

I have recently been working on a project to align the existing canned responses across all three Customer Care teams in France, in the UK and the US which has been exciting. The aim of the project was to come up with a set of standard canned responses for Customer Care and to make sure we are communicating with our precious clients in a coordinated manner, giving them structured and proactive information. The main challenge lies in striking a balance between harmonised communication and adding personal touch to every email we send.

In your opinion, what are the required traits and qualities to work at Convelio and more specifically as part of the Customer Care team ?  You need to be really fast, adaptive and agile. Attention to detail, problem-solving and strong communication skills are key for being successful as part of the Customer Care team at Convelio. One has to be ready to go the extra mile and be eager to learn everyday in order to succeed in the role.

What is the onboarding program like at Convelio?

It is immersive and gives you an overview of all departments in the company and their respective activities. You meet a lot of people who are all so passionate about what they do and it really gives you a sense of what Convelio stands for and its values.

What did you learn through Convelio’s Welcome Training?

I learned a lot about Convelio’s international scale. All sessions in the Welcome Training are allocated during the first two weeks and follow an order that helps you build up your overall picture of Convelio’s organisation. 

My key takeaway was that it will be a great journey with lots of great people and that no day will be the same as the other.

Did anything surprise you throughout your onboarding process?

The support and willingness of everyone to assist with whatever enquiry you might have. The fully remote working mode did not in any way affect the level of communication and support you receive which is amazing. Convelio has fully adapted to remote work and it was great to feel so welcomed regardless of the actual distance from everyone.

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March 8, 2021