The Art Market Day 2019

__This coming Monday the 18th of November__ *The Art Market Day* conference is back for its second edition! Convelio is proud to announce its participation __as a leading partner for this event!__


Organised by the famous newspaper Le Quotidien de l’Art, the conference gathered more than 300 international visitors last year. Its aim, as a meeting point for the French Art Market, is to stimulate important debates within the industry, understand the challenges of tomorrow, and of course to create synergies between actors. As such, it is a great opportunity to learn, exchange and network!

The Art Market Day

The Art Market Day has positioned itself as an international event within the Parisian cultural scene, since it proposes a program in French and in English (with simultaneous translation devices). This important technical feature allows international visitors to enjoy and take part in the events in an inclusive way, and of course it elevates the event from a national to an international level!

This edition, taking place in the beautiful glass setting of the Grand Palais, offers a rich program. The multiple conferences and debates will be presented by 30 international speakers including Nanne Dekking (TEFAF President and Artory Founder), Georgina Adams (FT Art and Art Newspaper reporter), Sophie Neuendorf (VP of Artnet), Anne-Laure Bandle (Responsible Art Market lawyer), Ravi Vora (CEO of Catawiki), Adriano Picinati di Torcello (Art&finance Deloitte), Cécile Verdier (President Christie’s France) and Pontus Silfverstolp (co-founder of Barnebys).

Another important feature of the conference is that Franck Riester, the French Minister of Culture, will hold a conference with a Q&A section. We believe that this session is a must since the discussion with the attendees will raise important questions about the present and future of the French art market... sounds really exciting!  Startup Studio: Art & Technology

In addition, the great novelty of this year is that the Art Market Day committee decided to create the “Startup Studio”, a space reserved to 5 emerging businesses in the Art Market trying to innovate and reinvent the future of the Art World. Among these 5 startups you will find: 

  • Art Recognition: a computer system that assess the authenticity of an art piece instantly to reduce forgery.
  • Artifexio: an application that allows you to identify works of art from a photo taken from your smartphone.
  • Monart: an art trading platform where you can exchange, buy, sell artwork & artwork collection shares using blockchain technology 
  • Curator Studio: an art gallery software for collection and inventory management purposes 
  • Skeleton: a front and back end software solution for art, design or antiques e-platforms to improve user experience and simplify the admin system.

The Art Market Day 2019's themes

Which themes will be addressed? We identified 6 main themes in this year's edition:

1- Brexit: What could be the impact on the Art Market?  Without knowing when, how or even if it will happen, we cannot even begin to assess what the impact of Brexit on the art world could be. In this conference, important questions will be raised: What to expect? What is the best behaviour to adopt on how to mitigate the political and economic risk? (We have already our views on it - feel free to take a sneak peek here) 

2- Big Data: the brand new tools for the Art World  In the technological era we are currently living in, Big Data is one of the hottest topics. Although its integration and use in the Art World is not as developed as in other industries, it is important to know what tools and new services are already available to use. In this session, you will have a deep dive into new businesses of the Art Tech world and how they can help you in your day to day. 

3- AI, Blockchain and Big Data: is there a market for digital art?  How does the market for digital art operate? Artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data are reinventing or perhaps even creating a brand new intangible art market on the web. How does it work? What does it imply? 

4- Funding: What are the different types of funding and financing solutions available in the art world? This session focuses specifically on how to find funding for your business within the art world. A practical and crucial topic organised as a round table which will enunciate all the different possibilities you may have as financing options and how to access them. 

5- International Art Market: Redistribution of the Art Market internationally  How is the art market segmented geographically? It appears that some regions are gaining more traction than others, is this sustainable? What is the weight of the European market internationally? Some key questions will be raised in this debate in order to better understand the dynamics of the Art Market on a global scale. 

6- Money laundering: the 5th EU directive  The fight against money laundering and terrorist financing has become a prime concern for Art Market actors. In this round table, you will be able to understand the main strategic implication of this directive on the Art World.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 18 November 2019 at the Grand Palais!  D-7 BEFORE THE EVENT!

November 11, 2019