The Clients of Convelio - Alexandre Piatti

Alexandre Piatti opened his gallery in 2010 in the “Carré Rive Gauche” district in Paris and makes it a point of honour to defend the Haute Époque. The gallery's ambition is to offer a new approach to works of art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. As one of Convelio’s 1,200+ clients, he has been putting his trust in our hands since October 2019... Here is what he had to say about us!

Profiling of an Art market leader

Hello, my name is Alexandre Piatti, I am an antiques dealer in Paris at 11, rue de Beaune, in the 7th arrondissement, and I am specialized in Haute Epoque. What I need is speed of execution, quick turnaround, an early quote for a quick response and, of course, a cost that does not make me lose the profit from my sale. The problems that are often linked to our profession are the lack of reactivity and the response time, which is sometimes much too long. And of course, the costs which are sometimes much too high and which take away the profit margin on a sale.Convelio helps me on a daily basis to practice my profession because since I met them, they are really a tool and an additional beneficial factor to facilitate sales because thanks to their platform, I have gained in efficiency and speed and this allows me to make many more sales than I used to.

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Exceptional shipments

Thanks to Convelio I made an important sale which was shipped to the United States and it is thanks to Convelio’s reactivity and their almost instantaneous quote - that I was able to make in front of the client - that I was able to make this sale. Without having this platform, I am almost certain that the client would have left, would have gone to other galleries and might not have bought this beautiful piece. I’m glad I sent it to her, and she was of course very enthusiastic about the service and the quality of the delivery as well.

A happy client!

The human relationship is really an essential factor at Convelio, because I developed a friendly relationship with Mr Philippe - French Business Development Executive and Account Manager at Convelio - whom I met when he started working at Convelio. That’s something very reassuring and an essential factor in my relationship with this transport company.

If I only had one word for the whole Convelio team, it is ‘thank you’, because they really help me manage my business on a daily basis and I am pleased to have met them, because thanks to them I have been able to develop my business exponentially.

From fine art and contemporary galleries to auction houses and interior designers, our clients are confident in our care of their finest works as we transport them from one side of the world, to the other. From the creation of their booking, to their works’ arrival at the final destination, we support and assume responsibility for the full operation.The dedication to our clients remains our center focus as we monitor and communicate each step of the shipment journey, providing you with a professional service and a highly personalised experience.

October 19, 2020