Artworks are expertly handled by our technicians during collection. Pieces can be collected from one specific location, or from several collection points with our multi-stop collection service. With our specialized collection management team, your fine art shipments are in safe hands.


The collection process begins after booking a shipment at Convelio. Our art collection management team will contact you to confirm the date, time and location, as well as any special packing requirements.

In some cases, such as complex installations or gallery exhibitions, an in-person meeting will be organized by our team prior to collection. Technicians will gather information about the weight, size and materials used in individual objects, along with location-specific details.

The team will also assess the vulnerability of artworks to ensure the highest level of care is applied during collection, transport and delivery. This assessment is key to designing personalized fine art packing solutions, whether shipping paintings, sculptures or antique furniture.

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Multi-stop collection

Multi-stop collection is a convenient service for anyone shipping several pieces from different locations, such as antiques dealers, interior designers and marketplaces.

The process for multi-stop collection works in a similar way to the single-location collection service. Once a booking has been made, the date and locations will be confirmed. The art collection management team will also confirm any specific location or packing requirements. We will then consolidate the shipments and organize a grouped delivery to the final destination.

If an in-person evaluation is needed, our specialists will schedule a visit to assess the scope of the work and establish a collection schedule. As with the collection service, the team will note any fragile items so that packing materials can be tailored to your needs.

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