Special Projects, trade shows, fairs

Convelio can assist you with trade shows and fairs. Artworks and design pieces are expertly handled by our technicians during pickup. Pieces can be collected from one specific location, or from several collection points with our multi-pickup service.


At Convelio, we offer the highest standard of fine art packing and shipping services. This ensures the safe handling and transportation of artworks to be exhibited at fairs. Choose from custom soft packing, bespoke wood crating and tailor-made cases.

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Customs clearance

From standard customs declarations to exceptional procedures (e.g temporary export), our team takes care of the formalities to ensure frictionless delivery around the world. We operate in a timely manner to ensure the on-time delivery of your pieces for events and international fairs.

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Installation et stockage provisoire

For exhibitions and fairs, we deliver pieces on-site at a pre-arranged time. Our in-house technicians install artworks for display at your booth and remove all crates and packing materials for storage. We also provide temporary storage options.

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Return and post-sales administrations

After the event, our technicians safely uninstall and re-pack all pieces of art for shipping. Depending on the location, we can manage customs procedures and organize shipping directly to your client. Alternatively, we can coordinate the safe return of artworks to the initial destination.

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