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Quoting & Booking

Why can't I get a quote on your platform?

Invalid address

Make sure you enter a valid address before you select it from the dropdown choices.

Destinations not available

If your destinations are not available for instant quoting yet, please keep filling in the pop-up form. One of our of Operations Manager will carefully answer your request once he or she has calculated your custom quote. Booking and paying illustration

Commercial value over 200,000€

Although we try to provide you with instant shipping quotes for as many of your requests as possible, we find it preferable that you contact us directly when it comes to goods whose commercial value is over 200,000€. Just fill in the pop-up form so that one of our Operations Manager can reach with a tailored solution.

Extraordinary dimensions

Some of your goods can be very massive! When it comes to over-sized items (length: 300 cm; depth: 300 cm; classic height: 200 cm; air height : 148 cm; weight: 10 000 kg), we find it preferable that you contact us directly. Again, one of our Operation manager will quickly take care of your request !

Saved quotes retrieval

You don’t know how to retrieve your saved quotes? Just have a look at the topbar and you'll find the coresponding tab called "Saved quotes" where all your quotes requested are available.

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