Comment créer une expérience “Clic & Achat” pour un e-commerce ?

Avec une telle prolifération de sites de vente d’art et de design d'exception, le marché de la logistique doit s’adapter à cette nouvelle demande et doit y répondre de manière innovante. Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que Convelio a décidé de répondre à cette demande et nous avons créé notre propre API afin d’obtenir des devis instantanés à partir de n’importe quel site de e-commerce.

What is a successful user experience? 

Online transitions in the art and high-end design world raise many challenges. What can be done to integrate an efficient yet relevant digital strategy for selling artworks and collectibles online? The answer is the user experience - or the famously called UX design. The simpler your user experience, the higher your conversion rate. User experience design is the process of creating products that provide meaningful yet relevant experience to users. It is all about enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving its usability, accessibility, functionality and its overall desirability.,From our experience and our interactions with leaders in the art & design e-commerce, logistics remain an important inhibitors of their sales. Having an integrated option of shipment and transport is essential to create a ‘Click & Buy’ experience and boost clients’ conversion rate. 

The logistics industry? 

The transportation and logistics industry is entering a transformative era: new market players, change in customers’ needs, technology revolution (PWC, 2019). Opaque and with a poor willingness to innovate, the industry is clearly subject to numerous inefficiencies. Nowadays a clear window of opportunity has been identified, to remain relevant, companies need to take action.  We believe that technology is the only way to solve this pandora box. In this context, Convelio’s aim is to position itself as a precursor with a forward looking vision. 

What is Convelio API?

Convelio was created to make fine art shipping easy. We are a freight forwarding company that provides the art market with a highly customized transport solution at competitive rates. Our technology-led instant quotation proprietary algorithm has proved to be a real game changer for our clients. Innovation being at the center of what we do, we decided to dive one step further by allowing the art market players to offer a ‘Click & Buy’ experience, thus making it easier for any art buyer to purchase from long distances or online. The creation of an API is an encouraging step toward the digitization of the logistics industry and signals that it is embracing a more efficient information sharing system.  An API is a software that allows systems to communicate in real time together and hence changing the whole ecosystem. To note, this is a secure process where the data passing between systems is  protected and cannot be diffused. To keep it simple, Convelio’s API is a system that can be integrated into any online e-commerce in the front end and back end. It allows these businesses to offer the possibility to their online users to book their shipment directly on their website and fulfil their order. Indeed, they can get a shipping price based on their delivery address directly from the product page or the check out page in a simple click. This drastically increases the sales conversation rate, by streamlining the checkout process and enabling the clients to have all information available to finalize their purchases in one place. No more back and forth with the client to organise the shipments and understand the additional costs. Always in the same philosophy, we offer competitive prices with transparent order management solutions and a unique customer service. We operate everywhere in Europe and serve more than 40 countries internationally. 

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June 30, 2019