Shipping Value and Trust: Building Blocks with a 55-Year-Old Heritage

Shipping Value and Trust: Building Blocks with a 55-Year-Old Heritage

Andipa gallery have, since 1967, welcomed legions of art collectors, enthusiasts and visitors into their townhouse that they have occupied since their founding. Based in London’s Knightsbridge district, Andipa are collectors, curators and advisors and this multifaceted approach to art can be seen in their relationships that they have developed and maintained over the decades. Andipa share their thoughts on the importance of good relationships both with clients and suppliers and how we at Convelio are one of their preferred suppliers.

Switching the lens to Andipa Gallery:

Being the oldest private gallery in our area, we believe that one of the secrets to our longevity and continual relevance is the importance that we place on both maintaining our standards and providing excellent service. Since the 1960s, we have always strived to go beyond for our clients. Whether it is in offering specific advice about the buying or selling of artworks or in our roles as curators for major museum exhibitions. The principal is the same: attention to detail and consistency.

These two seemingly simple words and concepts are, on second glance, exceedingly important. One cannot exist without the other and, in fact, they both lead into one another. Whether a multimillion-pound original Banksy artwork that we are tasked with selling or the latest Damien Hirst print release that we are valuing for a client, we look at each situation and each client’s needs as a way to provide a tailored, client-focused service.

In the ever-changing world of art, one that moves quickly and constantly reinvents itself, we have been able to maintain our core values of client-focused care and the two aforementioned concepts throughout our rich history.

We have always placed an importance on not only extending such reliability to our clients but also to our suppliers like Convelio. For our gallery to be successful over many decades, we have needed to incorporate and work with conservators, restorers, framers and of course, fine art transporters, that, at various times and circumstances, all come together to enhance what we can offer our clients and the services we can assist them with.

For instance, often we will request on behalf of our clients information as to the shipping of their artworks, usually original Banksy prints, and we can count on the team at Convelio to quickly and accurately provide pricing, timeframes and support to ship the artwork.

By having a trustworthy network of suppliers that share our values, we feel confident that we can go above and beyond the normal for our clients across the globe. We, primarily, are very much a people-focused gallery and our approach to building relationships with our clients is the same as that which we employ with our suppliers. We look for excellence in the way a supplier can work with us and how they can assist our collectors.

Known for combining innovative technology and logistics expertise to securely transport art around the world, Convelio offers a great deal of security for our gallery and clients. Their approach to mixing brilliant innovation with straight-forward, simplicity allows our team to get key shipping price information and easily pass that on to our own collectors. Their use of technology however, isn't to the detriment to their relationship focused approach. If anything, it enhances it.

The very best artworks stand the test of time. The very best relationships have this quality too. Our ability to be consistent, reliable through building and maintaining relationships in our work is why we recommend Convelio and their services.

Expanding on their pursuit of excellence, Convelio has recently introduced a new dual-tier offering that meets the core of your shipping needs. The Essential service is precision-engineered for transporting furniture, paintings, oversized items, and antiques. It offers cost-effective shipping, ensuring the safety and security of your possessions in transit. In contrast, the Fine Art service delivers specialised logistics exclusively crafted for high-value or delicate artworks, sculptures, masterpieces, and rare antiques. This premium option ensures meticulous planning and employs dedicated fine art handlers, offering you unmatched peace of mind. This array of choices harmonises seamlessly with Andipa's ethos of customising their approach to cater to each client's distinct requirements.

Discover more of Convelio’s Fine Art logistics services and how they may be able to assist you via

Convelio thanks Andipa for sharing their perspective and taking the time to collaborate with our team.

October 15, 2019