Ciao, come possiamo aiutarvi?

Quali sono i vostri guidelines per l'imballaggio della merce?

Un emballage sur-mesure est la clef d’un transport réussi

Parce qu’une œuvre bien protégée, dans un emballage sur-mesure est la clef d’un transport réussi, Il est important de bien prévoir son emballage, avec des propriétés et des matériaux adapté. Le choix de l’emballage dépend essentiellement des caractéristiques de l’objet à transporter et du moyen de transport. Ci-dessous, le Livre d'or de l'emballage made in Convelio:

  • Marble, paintings and mirrors must never be put horizontally flat but always at an angle between 45 and 90 degrees
  • Paintings and mirrors must be bubble wrapped. After wrapping, and before placement in a wood crate, the different faces must be protected with cardboard.
  • Concrete and marble items must never be in direct contact with wood.
  • We expect at least polystyrene sheets of minimum 3/4cm below. If fragile, ceramics, vases, chandeliers (and this is especially true for Murano glass) must be completely disassembled.
  • Each item must be packed individually in bubble wrap and then put in polystyrene snow. If several items are stacked in the same wood-crate, they should not be in contact directly (bubble wrap + polystyrene sheet in between at least).