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We are delighted to be working with Convelio Medical. They assist us in our daily logistics of respiratory devices thanks to their reactivity & dedicated customer service!

Christophe Favret,
Sales Manager, Archeon

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CONVELIO: la plateforme de logistique dédiée au marché de l’art


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What is Convelio Medical?

With offices in London, New York and Paris, we are a tech-enabled forwarding company that provides a full suite of highly flexible and customizable logistics services for healthcare actors worldwide. We work with rigorously pre-audited partners to maintain superior quality at each stage of the shipping process.

Why pick Convelio Medical?

Expertise based on the Fine Arts market:
we ship fragile, high value and bulky items for the largest art players

Excellent customer service:
we quote in less than 1 hour

Competitive prices:
while maintaining the highest standard in handling

In addition to door-to-door shipping, we provide special services

Carrier delivery for machines where the agents unload and place items in the room of your choice. White Glove service generally includes unpacking, removal/disposal of packing materials.Carrier delivery for machines where the agents unload and place items in the room of your choice. White Glove service generally includes unpacking, removal/disposal of packing materials.
White glove delivery
The carriage of machine pieces with shorter ETA (24 hours-48 hours).
Express delivery
Packaging, customs clearance, installation at the booth, storage of the crate, repacking & reverse logistics - we ensure that each exhibit shipment and retail merchandising material arrive in full & on time and departs exactly as requested, no matter what time of day.
Trade Fair logistics
 The documented permission to pass that a national customs authority grants to imported medical devices so that they can enter the country or to exported medical devices so that they can leave the country.
Customs clearance
A customs procedure under which medical devices can be temporarily exported/imported for manufacturing, processing, repairing or exhibiting abroad and then reimported/reexported with total or partial exemption from customs duties and taxes.
Temporary export & import
 Reverse logistics stands for all shipping operations associated with service, repair, return or proper disposal of medical devices.
Reverse logistics
A crate is a large shipping container, often made of wood, typically used to transport or store large, heavy items. The wood exterior provides full protection while the custom-cut immobilizes the pieces to reduce the chance of breakage (ISPM 15 certified).


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Pickup and delivery to more than 70 destinations

About Convelio

Convelio is a company that excels at providing end-to-end shipping for customers powered by digital solutions. We started in the art and antique world in late 2017, and now we ship over 7000 orders annually. 

We are recognized not only as logistics and transport experts, but also as a team of individuals eager to revolutionize the transportation industry. Our goal is to build the logistics backbone for each industry, one at a time.

what’s convelio fine art ?

Our Value

Think fast, be agile

We adapt quickly to challenges and seize opportunities.

Go the extra mile

We do more than is expected in everything we undertake.

Fly high, stay humble

We have enormous ambitions as a group but no place for ego.

Support others, grow together

We celebrate achievements together.

Innovate to simplify

We combine our creativity to challenge the status quo.

Always answer clients as fast as possible
Rigidity is our enemy
No ego
But ambition as a group
With ourselves and the people we work with
Never take a superficial look at jobs
Create a safe environment for everyone to grow in


What are my guarantees that my devices would be carefully transported, even if I take care of the packing myself?
Do I get discounts for having high volumes?
What packing option should I select if I take care of the packing myself?
Do quotes expire or change over time?
What types of medical devices do you ship exactly?
What information do I need to provide for medical devices being shipped?
What payment terms do you accept?
Can I get an account number for recurring payments instead?
How does return management work?
How do I put in information for my invoice?
My item has irregular weight distribution. Can you handle that and how can I relay that information to ensure you are taking the necessary precautions?
What are the Terms & Conditions and insurance policy?