Life @Convelio - Elisa, Business Development Intern

Elisa joined Convelio in May for her 4-month internship as an Intern in the Business Development team. In this interview, Elisa talks about the perks of working in a startup binding art and business and her experience of being part of a caring, enhancing and international team at Convelio!

Can you introduce yourself: who are you and what's led you here?

Hello everyone, I am Elisa and I am a student of the Master in Management ESCP Business School. Before that, I did humanistic studies and a bachelor in Economics, Statistics and Mathematics.  I joined Convelio because I really wanted to pursue a career in an environment where I can apply at the same time my knowledge in Economics and my passion and love towards art. 


What is your job, what are your missions? 

As a Business Development Intern I am in charge of filtering and qualifying leads on Salesforce and of assisting Sales in our offices in Paris and London to boost the sales cycle. I love learning how to speak with potential clients by highlighting Convelio’s value proposition and products features to raise their awareness. I also participate in Marketing efforts such as articles for our blog, automation campaigns and testimonials strategies. Besides, I am taking part in a super cool side project which consists in a competition analysis. 

What is like working within a team located in different countries?

One of the reasons why I wished to join Convelio is its international scale. And, even if I’m working remotely, I completely feel the multiculturalism of the company! It is a French startup with an office in Paris, London and soon in New York, with people from all over the world (6 different nationalities!). The Convelio team designed an amazing onboarding program for new members of the team. In a few days already, I got to know most of my new colleagues and how the whole company works! Now I can only say that I can’t wait to meet them in person and enter the doors of Convelio’s office in Paris.

What do you like the most in your internship at Convelio? 

My team and my colleagues! I think that when your team teaches you a lot of new things, gives you the opportunity to put them into practice and rewards you for your job it’s the best combination to be satisfied with your work and to keep giving your 100%. Another thing that I love are our weekly “All Hands” Meetings where all the company is virtually reunited and I have the chance to understand the progress of the hard work of everyone and learn new things about so different areas of the fine art shipping! 

What are the benefits being part of Convelio adventure? 

In my point of view, it is the fact of being in a young and dynamic environment. Every day there’s something new to do and every day is different from the previous one. I really have the impression that the company is growing a lot - so much has been accomplished since I started working here, 3 months ago. It’s incredible seeing all these progresses and noticing how every single member of the company has an important role in such a growth. 

Have you learnt something at Convelio you couldn't have imagined before? 

I’ve learnt a lot about operations as well as art. I had followed a course in Operations Management, so it enriched me a lot to see the theories I have read in books put into practice at Convelio. I am learning so much more about the fine art industry as well: because of my job, I am often - directly or indirectly - in contact with galleries, auction houses and interior designers. We are living in a decade where art shipping and fine art industries are being revolutionized, and Convelio plays an important role in this context. 

What advice would you give a student wishing to apply to a Convelio internship? 

I would advise him/her to take some time to do some research about the company and the industry. It’s a very niche and specialized field, so showing that you have done your research will be a plus! I would also tell them to be themselves and talk not only about their academic achievements but also about them as a person, their passions and hobbies, and how their characteristics would make them the perfect candidate for the company! People at Convelio are all very genuine, true, kind and hard-working, so if you have these traits you may have found your perfect internship!

Elisa’s experience at Convelio seems appealing? Come and have a look at our jobs & internship opportunities and join the Convelio adventure!

August 17, 2020