Art transportation

Art transportation services provide security and peace of mind.

What is art transportation?

Art transportation is a specialized logistics service for art galleries, auction houses, online marketplaces, designers, and private art collectors.

It covers the shipment of single pieces to entire exhibitions, including furniture transport and the transportation of collectibles.

Whether you are expanding a collection or moving an exhibition, art transportation services ensure artworks are handled with care and attention.

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Choosing the right art transport

There are three main ways to transport art: by sea, road, or air.

Sea freight involves transporting art and valuable objects by ship. This is a slower mode of transport, but can be cheaper and have less impact on the environment than road or sea freight. Especially if it replaces a short haul flight.

Road freight transports art through the use of vans and shuttles. This is an efficient and affordable option for sending artworks across the US or Europe. But it might not be the most sustainable choice for longer journeys.

Air freight is the preferred mode of art transport for long distances, or for when a shipment needs to arrive quickly. However, air freight is usually more expensive and has a bigger impact on the planet.

Ultimately, the right type of art transportation will depend on a range of factors, including the budget and final destination.

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Fine art transportation services

The process of art transportation always starts in the same way — with an expert packing and handling plan.

This is developed by technicians who assess the condition and value of each piece of art. Items are then wrapped in soft packaging and, in some cases, placed in a wood crate. An example of this is when transporting paintings from New York to Los Angeles.

When it comes to delivery, there are several options to consider with art transport.

The standard offering is curbside delivery. This is exactly as it sounds with artworks delivered and unloaded outside of the address.

For added security, many logistics companies also offer white glove (delivery to a room of your choice) and installation. These are premium services that are used for transporting design pieces or canvas wall art.

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Art transport in the US

The US is home to renowned museums, galleries, and auction houses. As well as being a hub for art transportation companies.

Convelio’s US office is located in New York City. We transport artwork to more than 100 destinations around the world and work with leading names in the art world.

We also collaborate with SQUAKE, a compensation-based solution for the travel and transport industry to help clients offset carbon emissions.

Find out more about our art transportation services here. Or visit the Convelio shipping platform to get an instant quote for your shipment.

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