Life@Convelio - Domiziano, Operations Intern

Domiziano joined Convelio in May for his 4-month internship as an Operations Intern. In this interview, Domiziano talks about his experience of being part of an international partnership network as well as Convelio’s entrepreneurship culture!

What is your academical background ?

After an economic and social baccalaureate in a high school in Metz, I studied at the Institution des Chartreux in Lyon to prepare the exams to enter top French Business Schools. I’m now a student (Master in Management) at ESCP Business School in Paris.


What is your job, what are your missions?

I am working as a Suppliers Specialist in the Operations team. I am responsible for sourcing and carefully selecting new suppliers to decide whether or not they will be joining Convelio’s international partners’ network. To do so, I source suppliers, then I train them on Convelio’s best practices and I assess their first shippings. Besides, I am helping the team to prepare our launch in the US. We are defining Convelio’s pricing structure and analyzing which are the best segments to target to optimise our suppliers network in order to best serve our clients.

Why did you apply for an internship at Convelio?

First of all, I knew that with this job I would have responsibilities and I would directly see the results of my work. Finding new art carriers is essential to support the growth of the company. Besides, I wanted to work in a multicultural environment. Convelio is an international start-up and I knew that I would speak English, Italian and French on a daily basis. Finally, this was the opportunity for me to discover the world of logistics, an industry I barely knew and to have a high industry exposure.

What do you like the most in your internship at Convelio, and what makes it special?

I really like to speak different languages and to get in touch with art shippers from all over the world every day while working from the office in Paris. Being able to speak Italian makes it even more special : art shipping is particularly developed in Italy and I am therefore in touch with Italian shippers every day.

Is there a sentence your team uses a lot that you didn't understand as you started your internship 2 months ago? What does it mean?

During my first days at Convelio, I had no idea what the words « crating », « API » or « KPI » meant. Now I totally use them on a daily basis. 👉“Crating” is the stage of the shipping when the piece of art is getting protected before it is shipped. 👉“API” is for Application Program Interface. An API is a digital tool that acts as a bridge between two systems to communicate together in real time. In our case, it allows any web platforms to get our prices for any shipping quote request (any items, any destinations) in just 1 millisecond. 👉“KPI” stands for Key Performance Indicator, we are constantly tracking some indicators to improve our services.

You will have the opportunity during your studies to do two more internships. What will you be looking for after this experience at Convelio, and how do you think it will benefit your future internships?

I am very attracted to strategy consulting. I would like to keep working in a challenging environment in which I would constantly learn. Next year, for the first part of my gap year, I would like to find a 6-month internship either in a strategy consulting firm or in the strategic direction of a large company to get to know various companies and industries practices at COO, CEO and CFO levels. My internship at Convelio allowed me to get great responsibilities which I learnt a lot from. I feel like I get knowledge and soft skills that will help me for my career ahead.

What advice would you give a student wishing to apply to an internship at Convelio?

I would advise to show that he/she is really ready to get involved. Above all, Convelio is looking for students who are able to learn very quickly in a multicultural environment, who have a good sense of business and who are curious about discovering an industry that they may not know at first. Working in a company like Convelio is extremely stimulating, but it requires commitment.If you wish to apply to an internship at Convelio and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time !

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August 12, 2020