Art crating

Protect your artworks with tailor-made fine art shipping crates.

What is an artwork crate?

Artwork shipping crates are custom-made wooden structures. They safeguard items during shipping, like the surface of an antique table or a delicate frame.

Crating art protects against vibrations and changes in temperature and humidity. All factors that can cause damage during transit and storage.

Fine art crates are also used to cushion heavy or irregular shaped items. Examples include sculptures, large paintings, or vintage chandeliers.

Basically, art crating provides owners with the peace of mind that artworks will be securely delivered. Whether shipping within the US or internationally.

art crating

Preparing items for an artwork crate

The process of crating art always starts in the same way – with an expert evaluation of artworks.

This is carried out by fine art logistics technicians who understand the global supply chain. And the need for special care and attention when transporting art.

During the evaluation, every piece is assessed to determine the size, shape, and condition of the artworks. Technicians then prepare the soft packaging from materials like bubble wrap, blankets, and foam-padding.

When wrapping art, the first layer is always in direct contact with the item to protect against dust, fingerprints, and scratches. This is followed by two more layers of soft packaging.

An art shipping crate then provides the final layer of protection and support during shipping.

Art crating

Building an artwork crate

Technicians work with clients to develop the best design for an artwork crate. They consider the time frame, budget, and any handling instructions for the journey.

Every last detail of a crate is then customized to the shape of the shipment (including the soft packaging).

For example, a crate for a mirror will fit the artwork when it is fully wrapped. And any extra space inside will be filled with foam-padding to secure it in place.

Artwork crates also have to comply with international regulation No.15 (ISPM 15). This means only crates made from treated wood will be accepted by customs.

The result is a tailor-made wood crate that ticks all the right boxes for shipping artworks.

Art crating

Artwork crates for US shipments

New York City and Los Angeles are two of North America’s most important art hubs.

Private collectors, galleries, and auction houses all ship art between the two coasts, making it a key logistics route in the US.

At Convelio, we have an office in New York and a network of trusted partners across the country, including art crating Los Angeles and NYC.

We can organize the entire shipping process for you. Whether sending artworks from Europe to the US, or simply transporting pieces from one US city to another.

Discover more about our packing and art crating services here. Or visit the Convelio shipping platform to get an instant quote.

Art crating