Art shipping

Fine art shipping keeps the art world moving.

Art wrapping: what is it?

In 2021, around $65 billion worth of art and antiques were sold by dealers and auction houses worldwide. That’s a big business with an even bigger price tag.

But few people are aware of the role that fine art shipping plays, and how it enables the entire industry to operate.

Art shipping involves the packing, handling, and transportation of artworks. It requires technical skills and expertise in both fine art and the global supply chain.

Essentially, fine art shipping companies are responsible for the practical side of the art business. And they are trusted by leading institutions around the world.

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Transport for fine art shipping

There are three main modes of transport for shipping fine art: air, sea, and road freight. The best way will depend on the type of artwork.

Air is a popular choice (especially for long distances), with most artworks transported in the belly of an aircraft. This is ideal for shipments that need to arrive quickly, but it can be expensive and has a big impact on the planet.

Sea freight is often recommended for large sculptures or heavy pieces. This is more economical and can be kinder to the environment. Although it does take longer for shipments to arrive.

Vans and shuttles (road freight) are typically used when shipping fine art across the US or to Europe. This is an affordable and efficient option for shorter journeys.

But whatever mode of transport is chosen, a fine art shipper takes care of every step of the journey. From collection to customs and delivery.

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How much do fine art shipping companies charge?

The cost of fine art shipping depends on the size and weight of an artwork, the type of transport, and the distance.

There are also premium services to consider, like fine art shipping crates, white glove delivery (artworks delivered to a room of your choice), and installation.

All of this plays a part in the overall cost of a shipment. And whether a budget is big or small, fine art shipping companies always try to provide a customized solution.

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Fine art shipping services at Convelio

Convelio has a modern approach to fine art shipping.

Our online shipping platform provides clients with instant quotes. While trained technicians ensure artworks are handled with the care and attention they deserve.

Fine art shipping services at Convelio include packing, transportation, collection, delivery, and storage. As well as handling administrative tasks, like customs declarations and insurance.

Convelio has an office in New York and a network of fine art logistics partners from NYC to Los Angeles. We also operate in more than 100 destinations around the world.

Find out more about our transport routes with the geo shipping tool. Or visit the Convelio shipping platform to get an instant quote.

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