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Art wrapping: what is it?

Wrapping art is the process of preparing artworks for transportation and storage. It involves a combination of the right packaging materials and logistics expertise.

However, most artworks are unique, so a customized approach is needed when wrapping art.

For example, when wrapping a painting with a wooden frame, both the frame and the surface of the art can be fragile. This means they both need extra protection and support for shipping.

But with a canvas painting, the canvas is wrapped around the frame, so the entire surface of the art is exposed. This requires a slightly different packing and handling technique.

These differences call for a tailor-made approach to wrapping art — something that fine art technicians are trained to do.

Wrapping art

The professional approach to wrapping artwork

Wrapping a painting starts with an expert assessment of the artwork. This allows a technician to check the condition of the piece and make a note of any fragile elements.

The weight of the painting also plays a part because heavy artworks need more support. This is crucial when shipping artworks with a large wooden or decorative metal frame.

Next, the technician prepares the soft packaging. This is usually a combination of museum-quality paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, and foam padding. Blankets are sometimes used to add an extra layer of protection, depending on the artwork.

When using bubble wrap, only the smooth side should be in contact with the art to avoid leaving marks on the painting. Cardboard corners should also be applied before the bubble wrap to protect the frame.

Then there is art crating to consider. An art crate is a custom-made wooden structure that supports and protects a painting during shipping. Crates are made by fine art technicians and designed to fit individual pieces.

Finally, if a shipment contains several paintings, each one has to be wrapped and packed separately.

When wrapping art for moving, it’s important to get it right. And it’s worth hiring a professional to do it for you.

Art wrapping services at Convelio

At Convelio, art wrapping services range from soft packaging to bespoke wood crates and protective cases.

Our technicians can pack a variety of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and collectible design objects. And we are available to wrap artwork onsite at galleries, art fairs, private residences, and warehouses.

We also offer a variety of transport options, expert delivery services, art insurance, and support with customs declarations.

In the US, our office is in New York City, and we have a network of logistics partners across the country.

Visit the dedicated packing page to find out more about our art wrapping services. Or visit the Convelio shipping platform to get an instant quote for your shipment.

Wrapping art